We bring vision, passion, creativity and experience to your business

An ever changing business world. Full of unexpected surprises that affect your bottom line. No one can ever prepare for that. Countries running out of cash; Regime changes; Ash clouds & Earthquakes; Greedy Bankers – all these affect your business and you can never plan for these scenarios.

Despite all this, people will still have needs and money to spend. Having the best product at the right price in it’s category will keep you ahead of the game, despite the idiotic bankers still trying to ruin it for all of us 5 years on from the stock market crash.

Burlo Consultancy can help you in the areas where you might lack expertise – giving you that extra edge for the smooth ride over unpredictable waters.

We are, as some say, lateral thinkers. This means that we can see opportunities that you might not have realised are there.

There is not much we do not know about skate having been involved since 1979 and seen the rise and fall and rise again of skate over the past 30 years. From mass market polyprops ( 20” polypropelene complete boards with open bearings) transitioning into complete skateboards with interchangeable decks, trucks, wheels and sealed bearings to the birth and domination of skate shoes – we actually have in our office some of the first pro skate shoes, brand new Natas Etnies Hi Tops that we imported and distributed into the UK in 1987.

We have experience in European Distribution, Brand Creation and Development,  Sourcing & Manufacturing, Retail, Brand Licensing and Trade Show Development.

Some of our ‘Firsts’

Thinking ‘outside the box’ and not afraid to implement changes has produced many ‘firsts,’ some of which are now accepted as the ‘norm:’

Specialist Skate Shops – We opened our first in 1979. One of the first ‘Wall of Decks.’

First Multiple Video Premiere  Tours – Our concept with H Street countrywide premieres. Our aim was that no skater was more than 60 miles away from a vid premiere.

First UK Skate Video Duplication 1989 - Retail price down from£30 to £10.’Hokus Pokus’, Plan b ‘Questionable’.

First Snowboard Complete Package Concept- We came up with the Complete Snowboard Package concept to sell to shops and shop owners loved it!  Hammer freestyle board, boots and bindings package that they could retail for under £300.

Custom BMX Bike Spec Sheet Concept - Customer lists each component brand,model & colour and we built it.

First Internationally successful non US based skateboard company. - In 1996, we started, owned and funded Blueprint Skateboards, the first non USA skateboard company to achieve international recognition and become the No1 skateboard company in the U.K.  This paved the way for numerous non USA Skateboard companies to achieve local and international success. Blueprint facilitated this worldwide change.

Increased Deck Retail Margins 1996 - We gave shops a 25 point increase on Deck retail markups to help skate shops survive. We increased the skate hardgoods mark up, including decks, from  x1.75  to x2.  These markups are now the norm in the UK.