Current Projects / Appointments

Distributor Search – Animal Clothing UK appoint us to find suitable Distributors/Partners in Italy, Scandinavia, Germany and Malta – Selected European territories available.

Polypropelyne Boards – MindtwisterUSA: Creators of ‘Pentago’ & award winning toys and games commissioned us to make their quality ’Zippy Flyer’ plastic boards. Available in 6 colours with custom packaging, custom cushions, aluminium trucks,Urethane wheels. Osiris: Custom ‘Osiris’ polypropyelene boards in 2 colours.

Switchboard from Santa Ana, California have appointed us to handle all aspects of European distribution for their brands. Established in 2003, Switchboard manufactures and distributes premium brands including Dogtown, Hosoi,  Reliance and Siren Skateboards and Cargo skateboard trucks. Because we are based in the UK, we can liaise with and handle, in real time, all aspects of European Distribution including appointing and servicing new Euro Distributors, current business, marketing initiatives and sales. Contact

Polypropelyne Boards & Cruisers- We can make good qualityboards similar to Penny and Stereo. 22.5″ x 6″ Polypropylene injected deck available in 10 colours with Aluminium 3.25″ trucks with urethane bushings; 59mm x 45mm  78A Urethane wheels in 10 colours; 608ZZ Abec 7  carbon steel bearings,  urethane pivot cups – Contact us for keen pricing.

Tracker Trucks - Since 1975, Tracker have been making skateboard trucks. Contact us to discuss Tracker as your OEM Truck Supplier for Short or Longboards.

PS Stix - This wood shop needs no introduction. One of the consistently very best short and Longboard woodshops in the California, USA. Have your decks made at PS Stix and be proud to say that they are made there. We represent PS Stix in EMEA and Australasia - call us to have your boards made there which will add value and prestige to your brand. Check out the PS Stix page in the OEM & SOURCING section.    Contact

Veloz Longboard Trucks - We have been appointed to source and service European Distributors. Veloz longboard trucks have won several races. Different front and back 50 degree trucks and an innovative 0 degree truck – no speed wobbles.

Skate wheels and Griptape - we currently make griptape and longboard wheels for several European Brands. Having problems finding the right factories? Call or email us to see how we can be of help in making what you want saving you all the headaches by drawing on our vast experience in manufacturing and finding the right factory to suit your current needs.

Longboard Gloves -  With ‘Dupont Delrin’ slide padsNow available for OEM. Design your own or put your brand name on.  See OEM & Sourcing  page for details.

Helmets/Kneepads/Armpads/Wristguards -  See OEM & Sourcing  page for details.

OEM Components - If you are interested in using Tracker or Veloz trucks for your longboard brand, want to manufacture decks or wheels or are interested in Distributing some of the above brands in Europe, please give us a call or email on to discuss.

Caps, Beanies, Wallets, Belts  and Accessories – Contact us for details.