PS Stix appointed us to represent them in Europe.  For all enquiries and sales for Europe please contact:

One of the most respected skateboard & longboard USA deck manufacturers/woodshops appoints us to represent them in Europe. You can now have PS Stix make your decks and add value to your brand..  For over 25 years, PS Stix has manufactured decks for some of the top USA skate brands.

If you are looking to have your decks made at PS Stix, please contact us for details of available or custom shapes. PS Stix has many house shapes available for you to use and we will help you choose the best ones.

PS Stix has the capacity to manufacture 100, 000 decks per month.  However, in order to consistently maintain the best possible quality, PS Stix choses to limit production to no more than 50,000 decks per month by being selective with it’s customers.

The PS stix factory is over 30, 000 square feet. The main factory floor handles the gluing, laminating, pressing, heat transfer application, shrink wrapping , finishing  and shipping .  Seperate rooms handle the milling, clear coating, maintance,  drilling, sanding and shaping with CNC machines. Onsite offices handle pre press graphics, production, logistics, accounting and customer sevice.

Contact us for all your deck manufacturing needs. We have several house templates available in both short (Popsicle) and longboards.

PS Stix uses North American Hard Rock Maple and state of the art cold press water based skateboard glue.  Decks are pressed into 7ply, 8ply and 9ply with the customer’s choice of clear and coloured veneer lamination configurations.  Coloured laminates include Blue, Black, Red, green, Orange and Purple.

PS Stix now also offers Bamboo boards.


PS Stix Deck presses overview.


PS Stix Deck press

ps board presses s3

PS Stix – CNC Board Drilling

PS Stix -  CNC Board  drilling

PS Stix – CNC saw deck shaper – using guide mould

PS Stix -  Deck Shaper -  CNC  saw using guide mould

PS Stix – Edge sanding

PS Stix -  Edge sanding

PS Stix – Routing round edges

PS Stix - Router that produces the round edges

PS Stix – Top Lazer logo etching

PS Stix  Lazer logo etching

PS Stix – Pre Graphic board sander.

ps pre graphic board sander 11

PS Stix – Shrink Wrapping

PS Stix -  Deck shrink wrapping machine

PS Stix – Boards after graphic application

ps rack of boards after graphic application s15

PS Stix – Climate controlled veneer store

PS Stix - Veneer store climate controlled

PS Stix – Mould shapes store

PS Stix -  Deck mould storage

PS Stix – Selection of available house  shapes and moulds

PS Stix Longboard Shapes 2012

PS  8 18 Shapes l  1324 & 1346  l Burlo ConsultancyPS  8 18 Shapes 1565 &  1605 - Burlo Consultancy


PS Cruisers l 30 x 10  1837  wheel wells  l 28 1-4 x 9 1-2  wheel wells  lPS Cruisers  Top Mounts l  34 1-2 x 10 3-8  1731 l 32 3-4 x 9 3-8  1740 top mount  l