Sourcing & Production

You want to make skateboards, longboards, plastic skateboards, apparel, helmets & protection pads, decks, wheels, griptape, bearings, caps, beanies, belts and do not know which factories to use or maybe how to go about it? We open doors and find you the best USA/China/European factories suited to your manufacturing/ OEM needs. You tell us what you need and we will find you the right factory. No more costly trial & error mistakes. We will even help you with shipping them from the factory to your warehouse.

International Distribution Search

We specialize in European/EMEA Distribution search. We match brands with distributors & match distributors with brands – We find European Distributors for your brand or find new brands for distributors. We also find USA Distributors for European Brands.

Brand Search for Distributors

Distributors are always too busy to be everywhere at once. We attend Agenda Long Beach, Bright Berlin, The Ledge London and ISPO Munich. We can search for brands for Distributors at these trade shows if you can not attend. We will only look at brands that would fit your particular distributor model.

Brand Licensing

We match licensors with licensees and discover new and profitable opportunities for both. You might be looking for a skateboard brand to license on your particular product, for example a new video game you are producing that incorporates skateboarding. Finding the right brand can make that game, the wrong one will break it. We can match the right skate brand to you game profile ensuring added value to both brands.

As a brand owner you might be looking to license your brand name but do not know where to start or what products would be suitable. You might not even have thought of licensing your brand name.


There is not much we do not know about shipping. Dealing with shippers can be costly, time consuming and expensive and you still will not know that you have found the right shipper. We find efficient shippers & cut excessive/unnecessary shipping costs.

Product Development

We help to create, source, produce & deliver new products to your door. From concept to completion.

Strategy and Brand Expansion

Showing you how to step up to the next level.

Trade Show Development

We assist in developing skateboard trade shows via our large international skate specific network.

Retail Shop Analysis

Any of your stores under-performing? Do you feel that you should be taking more money but can’t put your finger on it? Why is the shop next door doing so well and you are not, even though you are both selling to the same customer base? Do you even know that you could be taking more money? Do your shop managers always have the right answers to your questions but are still under-performing?

So many times I have walked into a shopping mall and seen three shops, more or less side by side, selling similar goods and one is heaving whilst the other two are practically empty. I can usually find at least 4 things wrong with a shop within the first 2 minutes. Contact us if you want an in-depth analysis or just a general overview of what’s wrong with your shop/shops. You are paying the same rent as next door yet he is taking three times as much… find out why…

We will look at your KPIs (Key performance Indicators), analyse your UPTS, PPTs and SPHs.

Whether you are a small or large company, if you have headaches or just lack expertise in certain areas, we can help to reduce or eliminate those headaches on a short or long term basis.

Let us open doors for you through our vast network of specialized contacts inside the USA and Euro/International skateboard industry.

One of our strengths is that we think outside the box and can spot new opportunities you might not have realized are there.